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July 5, 2019
Kenny Hill / Santa Cruz California USA
I read your essay about Scarlatti. Your writing beautifully captures the mystery majesty and humanity of the person who brought that timeless music into the world. Thanks for your thoughts an your playing.
Kenny Hill
April 22, 2019
Yixi Wang / Columbus, OH, US
Dear Yevgeny,
I send you this message as a celebrating of my 10th year to become your fans. In the spring of 2008, I heard you Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto Album, that was the best performance of that great concerto I have ever heard at that time. Your performance changed my attitude toward composers from Russia and Ease Europe. Then I have kept following you until now, see your progress not only in performing the pieces you are good at, but also in other great composers like Beethoven and Schumann, though your Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff are still my favorites.
I also recommended you to my friends and my family, especially my father, who is a big fan of Tchaikovsky. The whole family is impressed by your perfect performance. I grew up in Beijing and living in Ohio now. So once I heard you would hold the concert in NCPA, Beijing, at June, I rescheduled my summer plan and booked the ticket that can allow me to fly back earlier, to watch your performance. It is a great happiness for me to watch your live concerto at the 10th year I have met you. My father have suffered from lung cancer since two years ago, so he cannot go to your concerto. But this message also brings his best wishes to you. I would like to say, we love you, on behalf of my whole family. And looking forward to meet you in the concerto.
June 2, 2018
Paul Arrowsmith / London
Congratulations on your recording of the Rachmaninov piano concertos 2 and 3. I have heard recordings of these by many distinguished pianists - but your playing was revelatory. Never before had I heard such detail and nuance in the concertos. You minted them afresh.
July 29, 2017
Malcolm / San Diego, CA
Hi: I stumbled upon some of your performances on YouTube (what did we do before YT?) particular the performance of Ravel's Scarbo, Chopin Ballade No. 4, and the Rachmaninov Rhapsody. I have to say that I was simply bowled over by the originality of your interpretive approach to the music.

When are you coming to San Diego?
March 25, 2016
Andres Lorrio / Madrid
My dear Sir,

Like other aficionados I have almost all of your records. Amongst them my favourite "was" always you Scarlatti. Until now. There are no enough words to describe the enormity of music, endless discoveries and enjoyment of your new Scarlatti feast. Thank you so much for spending hundreds or thousands of hours for giving such a gift to us. With the first, this the best Scarlatti piano record ever (and also thanks to the producers, a great achievement).

Please give us more of your Scarlatti magic (but not in another 10 years!)
May 14, 2015
Derek Marshall / Watford, UK
I thoroughly enjoyed your concert at the Queen Elizabeth Hall last night, which I attended with my daughter, who is a pianist/composer studying at Purcell School. In what was a splendid programme overall, you have converted me to Scriabin, a composer I will now explore.
April 9, 2015
Jo Frances Brown / New York, New York
Your recital tonight at Caspary Auditorium (The Peggy Rockefeller Concerts) was magnificent in all ways. Thank you for sharing your immense talent with us in New York where we have so many opportunities to hear great artists perform. Your musicianship, technique, emotionality, and choice of compositions were inspriring. Your passion for communicating at the piano is nothing short of extraordinary. Thank you for a very memorable evening.
Jo Frances Brown and Arthur E. Brown, MD
November 14, 2014
John Eyers / Poole, Bournemouth
Greetings. We have the home of BSO (Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra) here, Kiril Karabits is chief conductor. YOU would be another match made in Heaven, please try to come to South East England. Looking forward to 23rd and your recital at Westminster Cathedral, hope I might get a chance to say hello. More power to your ethereal virtuosity. (you will not recall me overhearing your conversation in the restaurant after the Daniil Trifonov recital. I tell people I have met you!)
October 27, 2014
Stephen Shanasy / Melbourne, Australia
Hi Yevgeny
I've not heard the Beethoven Triple played better live than last night. Congratulations to you and the ACO.
The piano part was exquisitely played and now I know why - Chris Elton had a hand in it! Why is it that the pianists that I admire for their ability to enable the instrument to "sing with clarity and with rhythmic precision" were once his students: Amandine Savary in May 2012, Wu Qian in March 2014 and Yevgeny Sudbin in October 2014.
Please return to Melbourne so that we can hear more of your playing in solo and chamber works.
June 3, 2014
Michael Jones / Sydney Australia
Hello Yevgeny. I've just discovered your Scarlatti CD which is so beautiful; the equal of Horowitz and Michelangeli. I loved your technique, & the piano voicing is perfect for Scarlatti. Thank you for giving us this enormous pleasure.
May 15, 2014
Ilya / New York
Deerest meester Sudbin,

I am much moved by the piano you played. the chopin it remind me of times before the cleansing. a grayy sky awash in the memories of bygone past and beyond. you guve is all hope for futures past

be te piano you were made too be. u deserve itt. greatest peenist that evar lived! Yevgeny Sudbin!

Muchest love,
April 24, 2014
Giovanni / Roma
I hope you'll come to Rome and play some of Scarlatti, i love how you play him.
December 10, 2013
Lyn Fortune / Adelaide
Hi There Mr Sudbin,


I was delighted to see that you have won an award. Actually I was especially glad to listen to your accompanying Scriabin so perfectly played and what a perfect reply )

Good one! Well done! I am not surprised, anyone with any sense, discernment and ears who has heard you play knows how special you are. I'm glad someone has had the good sense to remind you. In a competitive environment, continually travelling with lots of responsibilities,it is possible to tire, so encouragement and recognition is important for you-- the rest of us already believe in you.


I am so grateful you publish a calender of your engagements as now I am organised to fly to Perth to see and hear you and Richard Tognetti play this October.

You and he are a match made in heaven.. You are my two favourite musicians ! I feel very very lucky ! so excited. I don't care if either of you havent practised , are jet lagged and play lots of wrong notes! You will sound brilliant together.Can hardly wait...

I remain hopeful that someone in Australia has the good sense to get you into the Opera House in Sydney... I'm sure it is only a matter of time... Australia obviously loves you..

Wishing you all the very best for a peaceful, joy filled Christmas and a very happy, productive and safe travelling year,

Lyn Fortune
October 4, 2013
James Raymond / Littleton, Colorado, USA
I so enjoy your "augmentation" of Chopin's 'Minute" Waltz! Really, it's a kick! I hope you'll include any others
you've created (to give yourself a new technical workout at the keyboard?) on a new recording. (I hope I haven't missed any! I think I have every recording you've made. Which says something about how highly I regard your piano performances. Only wish we heard you "live" here in Colorado more often!
July 25, 2013
Sophia Smith / London
I came with my partner to the Wigmore recital last week. The music is still resonating with me. People talk a lot about how "good" a person's playing is, but musicians bring such different qualities, and bring out different qualities of the composers. There was something so alive, vibrant and open in your playing, it made the music mean something different. We both had a wonderful evening, and wished you could have carried on playing for much longer, it was so sad to have to go.
July 23, 2013
Olivier Staiger / Sion, Switzerland ( in Verbier right now )
Dear Mr. Sudbin,

it was an honour for me to be your driver today.

Have a safe flight and I hope to see you in Verbier soon again.


Olivier Staiger
June 27, 2013
Bryan Sayer / Auckland, New Zealand
Dear Yevgeny Sudbin,
Your recent visit to Auckland brought me (us) in touch with a superlative pianist and musician.
The Beethoven B-flat Concerto was a joy, and your class at the University equally so.
So I sought out 2 fairly recent recordings, of Haydn and Scriabin and am carried away by their extraordinary musicianship, and by the equally extraordinary liner notes.
You have great insight and great humanity- an inspiration in today's often disturbed world events.
Do return here at some stage and know that you are loved.
Bryan Sayer
May 31, 2013
peter prothero / Australia
Dear Yevgeny

I wish you joy and health. You have enriched my life with your great musicianship.

Best Wishes

May 27, 2013
Lyn Fortune / Adelaide. Australia
A magic moment I remember
I raised my eyes and you were there
A fleeting vision, the quintessence
of all that's beautiful and rare.....

April 30, 2013
Marilyn Eve Sands / Malibu, CA, 90265
April 5, 8 P.M. First Congregational Church in Santa Cruz.
We will never forget the experience of hearing you play live in Santa Cruz...I spoke with you
afterward, and told you that my teacher, Roxana Byers was pupil and personal assistant
to Alfred Cortot in the 1920's at the Ecole Normale in Paris..She also studied Bach with
Wanda Landawska...So the legacy of piano playing passed on to me is formidable...
I began playing at age 4..My parents took me regularly to concerts of pianists, Rubenstein,
John Browning, Leonard Pennario, Walter Gieseking, Van Cliburn, Claudio Arrau, Alicia de
La Rocha,and Murray Perahia. .In the past several years I have also seen, Garrick Olson,
Leif Ove Andsnes, Andras Schiff, and Lang Lang...You are a supreme talent.. You deserve
to be called "the best pianist of the21st century,"as the critics have written...I hope you wil
l come back to Santa Cruz soon, or perhaps Royce Hall at UCLA, which to me is a better
venue than Disney Hall for a pianist recital. Perhaps you will perform a concerto with
Dudamel in Disney Hall soon.
Heartfelt thanks from me and my family members (6 of us) who attended your great recital. Deepest Sincere Regards to you and your family...Looking forward to hearing about your next performance in CA....In Appreciation,Marilyn Sands
March 26, 2013
Scott Merrell / New York City
I heard your Town Hall recital in NYC lst Sunday. You played each piece like a true poet. I have not heard such a thrilling recital since the days of Vladimir Horowitz. Thank you and plese come back to New York City more often. I hope you record a recital of Debussy soon...and thank you for making me aware of Norma's Eggs Benedict!
March 6, 2013
Caspar Graf von Rex / Berlin
We are looking forward to have finally a concert in Berlin. Y.S. is unfortunately very seldom here. We admire his art and can only take comfort in the meantime with all his great CDs. April 19th will be a special day for us-after a long time, when we had a concert at Bechstein in Berlin. All our best wishes and many thanks for the exciting interpretations.
January 22, 2013
Paul Arrowsmith / London
Wonderful lunchtime concert at Wigmore Hall yesterday - an hour to feed the soul.

The Liszt Funerailles was shocking in its thunderous intensity - but particularly was impressed the way you so skilfully can pull back into a gentle, almost fragile diminuendo.

Thank you!
January 7, 2013
Ina / Milan, Italy
Thank you for your admirable concert tonight in Milan.
November 16, 2012
Anthony Saddler / Derby
Just to say how much my wife and I enjoyed your playing on Monday last (Nov.12) at Derby. We had heard you once before, at the Buxton Festival, and were delighted to find your name on the programme for this concert. Loved, especially, the third movement. How exciting was that!!

We will try to see you whenever you are in this part of the world.

Good luck in all that you do.

Anthony and Vivienne Saddler
October 17, 2012
Jo Hammond / Gibsons BC, Canada
Love Delirium and Death. Four years ago exactly that happened to me. I cannot explain how your playing of this music affected me. I have never heard Funerailles played like this before. I had to wait fifteen minutes before continuing. It is mind-boggling to experience such amazing things through music. It's more than another language, but try to explain that to people who don't listen.
Thank you, Yevgeny. Even though I listen on my own, my husband's death has opened more musical worlds for me. So strange.
PS I think your programme notes are perfect.
March 24, 2012
Philippe Agrippa / Paris
Cher Monsieur

J'ai découvert votre talent avec les Sonates de Scarlatti : sublimes !
Puis Le 4ème Cto de Rachmaninov et le 2ème Cto De Medtner :
superbes !
January 10, 2012
By Files / FFM
Just finished listening to your Scriabin on YouTube. Right there with Richter and in some spots more intersting. Great music. Thanks. Best of luck in your career.
October 26, 2011
Markus Bollig / Frankfurt, Germany
Dear Yevgeny,

Usually I don't write in guestbooks or other "managed" things. But I just listen to your Chopin-recording which I bought today - your Scriabin album had rendered me curious - and I must spontaneously express the pleasure I have. The Chopin is definitely a brilliant interpretation with an individual character which I like very much.

Looking at your calendar, I wonder why your performances in Germany are quite rare, you should definitely come to cities like Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, and Frankfurt.

Markus Bollig
September 25, 2011
Vivian Rusman / London
I really enjoyed the recital this afternoon at Westminster Cathedral Hall and you spoiled us by playing 3 encores! You are a real virtuoso and I hope to hear more from you in the future.