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March 30, 2010
Irina Lankova / UK
I went to your concert in London last week and want to thank you for the wonderful performance. I especially enjoyed the second half where you had 'moments of pure grace' - that's how I call these magical moments when the music just flows through you as if it was playing by itself.

I listen to your Scarlatti CD every day since - delicious.

Best wishes,
Irina Lankova
March 28, 2010
David Burden / Wells
Dear Yevgeny,
I desperately wanted to go to your mainly Chopin concert at Queen Elizabeth Hall on 25th March 2010, but could not travel from Wells because of my heart condition.

I do hope you will record a selection of Chopin. Having heard you play with such incredible sensitivity at the Bath Festival a couple of years ago, I know you will produce a superb rendering of Chopin's repertoir, and I look forward to the CD. Or have you recently produced one? It will be an instant runaway success!

Please come back to give a concert in Bath - you have a great following here too!

Kind regards,
March 26, 2010
Soo / London
Dear Yevgeny

I went to your recital last night at Queen Elizabeth Hall and feel very uplifted by your performance. I am very intrigued by your choice of programming, juxtaposing an all-Chopin programme in the first half with Ravel and Liszt in the second. Is it a coincidence or is there a deliberate pattern? Perhaps based on key centres?

I feel especially touched by your sensitive yet always rich tone and the way you brought out the polyphonic textures in both ballades a revelation. I have read an interview in which you have said Chopin gets difficult as you get older as you play more with your head than heart. I think the balance you have between the heart and head for Chopin is wonderful. As a pianist who loves Chopin's music I appreciate performers who get to the heart of Chopin's music and truly bring it to light. I have also rarely heard such delightful Scarlatti.

I eagerly await seeing you live with a Scriabin recital as I feel you have a very special connection with this composer. To most of us Scriabin's music is a mystery yet when I hear you play the Black Mass Sonata I feel I'm closer to understanding the mystery if not closer to solving it. Thank you for sharing your gift with so many people, I look forward to your next recital.

March 1, 2010
Mary / tivat
Hi, Yevgeny!
I got acquainted with you by means of Scriabin CD and ever since consider myself your most devoted fan. I haven't yet had an opportunity to visit your concert, but am sure to do that in the nesr future. Good like to you!

Best wishes from Mary.
February 21, 2010
David Francis Beedie / LOS ANGELES

Your BIS Scriabin CD arrived via my membership with
Musical Heritage Society and I love your playing of the Music
of Scriabin.Also I read your Essays and much appreciate your placing of the music in a context which for me "fills in the gaps" and completes the music.

Please send me details of who what where and when for your appearance in San Francisco April 2010.

There is the Russian River Area of Sonoma County
(North of San Francisco) where there is a significant
Russian History.


February 4, 2010
Olga Vechtomova / Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Dear Yevgeny,

I went to your recital at Wigmore Hall in London on 1 February, and was immensely impressed by your performance. The entire program was beautiful, especially Liszt's Harmonies du soir. I first heard of you a couple of months ago when I bought your Scriabin CD. I am very fond of Scriabin's piano music and heard it performed by different pianists, however, your performance surpasses them. The 9th sonata was particularly powerful and created a long-lasting impression. In your performances you express all the subtle nuances of the music in a very unique style. I also very much enjoy reading your essays about composers. Wishing you all the best,

January 16, 2010
Sean O'Dwyer / Kingston, NY
Hello. Never heard of you before today. Picked up your Scarlatti CD in NYC this afternoon. Blown away. Blown. Away.
November 25, 2009
elaine / berlin
Thank you for playing the concert in Berlin - I have never heard Hadyn played like that before - it was a beautiful experience. Look forward to hearing you play live in Berlin again sometime soon. Best wishes for you and your career.
October 29, 2009
Salvatore / London
Your performance last night at the Royal Festival Hall in London was simply fantastic.

October 22, 2009
Conrad Jurgens / South Africa
Hi Yevgeny,

I very much trust that you will be invited to play in South Africa, and soon!!

Next time you come to SA, fly to Cape Town and visit the West Coast. Visit Franschhoek and then travel up the Garden Route to Port Elizabeth. Visit two of the best Game Reserves in South Africa.

Shamwari -
Kwandwe -

Tr ust we will see and hear you soon!

Regards Conrad
September 19, 2009
Alessandro Gnoatto / Zurich
Thank you for your incredible performance in Zurich tonight! Awesome! I wish you the best for your career!
September 6, 2009
Alfred Rony Situmorang / UPH Karawaci, Indonesia
Dear Yevgeny, I just bought your Scriabin CD last week. And after I heard it once, it became my favorite of Scriabin's music. Your Patetico etude op.12 is the most special thing for me. For me your entirety of Scriabin on the CD is far more than Kissin, Demidenko, even Horowitz had made. Your sound is totally unique. Although it's quite impossible, I hope someday you would like to give concert in Jakarta, Indonesia..
Thank you for your music.
August 15, 2009
Barrie Motola / New York
Your performance at Avery Fisher Hall last night was extraordinary. Prior to your pre-concert recital I had not even heard of you! Not that I have, I look forward to hearing you many times, if only you will return to New York.
August 13, 2009
Betty Sekhri / Kensington, Md
Hi Yevgeny,

Paul gave up his New York apt or I would have been up there in a flash to hear your Beethoven 4th at Avery Fisher Hall, even though I just returned two days ago from San Francisco. Paul is in Provence or he would have been there too. I know your performance will be wonderful. Good luck. Can't wait for you to come back to the Washington area again. Betty
July 2, 2009
Ivana / Singapore
Hey Yevgeny,
I enjoyed myself tremendously at your concert at the Singapore international piano festival two days ago. Your rendition of the Scarlatti sonatas was different from anything I've heard before and I really liked your programme notes. Hope you liked our sunny country and do come back to perform more for us, maybe with the orchestra!

June 29, 2009
John Stuart / London UK
Hello Yevgeny, I have not heard your Scriabin album yet, but intend to buy it in the near future. However, I read with great interest, your article about this composer, which is fascinating. I will never be able to play like you, but I play many of Scriabins preludes as well as some mazurkas, poemes, etudes and impromptus. My dream is to learn the second sonata. I'm looking forward to hearing your recording of Scriabin, as your insight into this composer shows a deep affinity and understanding of his music.
May 31, 2009
Tiroui Melkonian / California
Just listened to your playing of Brahms Trio(...on Facebook) with A. Chaushian and I. Gringoltz...wonderful performance. Looking forward hear your solo performance in Fresno, California, in the future.
May 15, 2009
Al Kuhn / Delray Beach, FL USA
Just finished listening to your Scriabin on YouTube. Right there with Richter and in some spots more intersting. Great music. Thanks. Best of luck in your career. Fsevo, Al
May 13, 2009
Martin Sealey / Bristol UK
I enjoyed your Bristol concert on 12th May and was delighted to hear that you will be recording the magnificant 7th Prokofiev Sonata soon.
May 13, 2009
Thomas Eveson / Bristol, UK
Mate! The performance you gave last night at St.Georges was the most sublime example of artistic perfection I think I have ever seen! You are well worth all the fantastic reviews you have received recently and much more.

I am a pianist myself and last night was utterly inspiring, went directly home and got on the piano to try the Fminor Scarlatti you played so beatifully. My teacher lent me the late Prokofiev sonatas to have a 'play' through but I think it will be a few years before I can get my brain and my fingers around them, your performance of the seventh was absolutely mind blowing! Sticking to struggling with the 'Visions Fugitives' for my diploma for now.

I'm very surprised St.Georges was not more full last night, though can guarantee it will be sold out next time you come to see us in Bristol, a night which I look forward to. Thankyou so much,

May 7, 2009
Lyuba Leznov / Israel
privet is Israelya. Slushali tebya in "youtube" - eto zdorovo !!!
privet ot Mashi iZheni
May 2, 2009
Tim Clarke / Reading, UK
Superbly enjoyable recital yesterday in Oxford! Very glad to have met you afterwards and to learn that that cracker of a performance of the Prokofiev Seventh Sonata will be committed to disc this summer! Looking forward to the release of the Rachmaninov Fourth Concerto soon and to the Scriabin Piano Concerto at the RFH in October. Best wishes.
April 12, 2009
Phil Harrison / Northiam, UK
Great concert on 10 April at Brickwall in Northiam: some wonderfully modern explorations of tonality and rhythm. I do hope you record the Prokofiev Sonata No.7 soon.
April 9, 2009
Rob Meadows-Rogers / New York, New York
Dear Yevgeny ---

I'm writing this as I listen to your superb Rachmaninov recording, to which I return often, as I do to all your recordings. Unfortunately, I have not been in town for your last New York City recitals... and I don't think I will be in town for your Avery Fisher Hall performances of the Beethoven 4th Piano Concerto either. How disappointed I am about that!

I'm just writing to cheer you on to the great future that awaits you, although I am only one of many of your growing number of admirers.

I have noted with pleasure your photographs on the website. If you ever have a chance, please visit my art website (www. We do different types of photography, but I would welcome your comments on mine! I had a show at a Manhattan gallery last year and hope to have another one in the coming year (at Soho Photo:

With best wishes for continued success...
... and with thanks for the gift of your music and your talent (and congratulations on your recent marriage!),

Rob Meadows-Rogers
April 5, 2009
Peter Cass / Vancouver
Dear Yevgeny

I want to thank you very much for the memorable concert you gave this afternoon (April 5, 2009) at the Chan Centre. Your playing was superb. As Rachmaninoff is reported to have said "There is no interpretation without technique." You certainly have lots of technique and I see that it allows you to express your musical ideas very powerfully. You are a gifted musician. It was nice to hear some Medtner. I have your "First Concertos" CD and have listened to Mednter's 1st concerto several times and look forward to your recording of the 2nd concerto. I see, with pleasure, that you are coming to play with the Vancouver Symphony next season. For me the Tchaikovsky B flat minor concerto remains forever new.

I am an amateur organist and harpsichordist and I like to work at the keyboard works of Bach, Francois Couperin, the organ works of Mendelssohn and Rheinberger (1839-1901), who wrote 20 sonatas for organ, some trios, Concerti for organ and orchestra, and works for violin and organ and cello and organ and much else. His music is now much neglected which is a shame because it is well crafted and he was a gifted melodist. I am not aware of any music that he wrote for the piano. I have been working on the Haydn E minor sonata (on my harpsichord) that you played and now have some new insights. I have been contemplating learning some Scarlatti on the harpsichord and have decided to start with the F minor sonata K.466 that you played. What a ravishing sonata! Speaking of Mendelssohn, do you play the Variations Serieuses?

I can't stress too much the value of your writing your own programme notes and CD notes. Please keep doing it. Thank you also for your autograph, and do think seriously about including the the Triple Concerto in your Beethoven Concerto project. I think it is an undeservedly neglected work. Why not record the Choral Fantasy too?

I wish you every success in your career and send you my warmest regards,

Peter Cass.
April 5, 2009
Josephine Hammond / Gibsons, BC Canada
After your first concert in Sechelt, I told you that my husband, a reclusive autodidact, was, like you, a long-time Medtner fan. Alas he died recently and was not able to hear you play live (although we have all of your cds.)
Your first Scarlatti piece yesterday held me spellbound, brought tears to my eyes. Until now I have never quite understood what his music is about. You brought me to a strange and wonderful place.
I have heard many pianists, but none today have your amazing refinement and delicacy, phrasing and expressiveness. It was brought to mind in the encore, Spring Floods, one of my favourite songs to sing. The singer might think that he/she would be able to communicate a song better than a pianist whose instrument can only be an extra mechanical impediment between the interpreter and the audience. But yesterday you proved otherwise. Of course, the transcription helps, but only if the pianist can convey the emotion, and I honestly cannot think of a singer who does that better than you with this song!! Believe me, with our collection of historical recordings from 1900 to the present day, I have heard quite a few.
Thank you a million. This is what life is all about.
PS If you ever come up this way again, you are welcome to go out on the water in my son's work boat. Or we can take you up into the mountain (Elphinstone) on the logging roads.
April 5, 2009
Graham Argyle / Sechelt, B.C. Canada
Thank you once again for coming to the Sunshine Coast and giving us a memorable afternoon. I'm sure all those of us around you at 'The Old Boot' cafe and many others, will want to see you back here again. I hope that is a possibility. On Monday evening next, I'm attending the first meeting of a group of people, who have dreams of a larger concert hall overlooking the Strait of Georgia and Vancouver Island. Right now, it's a long shot and may not be built in my lifetime, but without performers like yourself coming to our community, the dream would not even have happened. Thank you again, you bring a great richness to our lives.
March 20, 2009
Dennis Goodyear / Kansas City, MO
My wife and I were at last evening's Harriman-Jewell Series concert in Kansas City. We both thought you were marvelous throughout the wide range of music periods and styles but were particularly pleased with the Prokofiev piece! Thanks for stopping by Kansas City!
March 14, 2009
Ksenia / New York
Hi Yevgeniy!
I just came back from your New York performance at Washington Irvin High School. I am still hearing you play. I am amazed, delighted, and thankful. I came up to you wanting to shake hands, but was too nervous and only said Thank you, in Russian, and walked away. You said you would come to New York City again in the summer. I am looking forward to that! Thank you for a gorgeous evening.
March 12, 2009
Miroslav Vintoniv / Boston
As a member of the Scriabin Society I was really looking forward to hear you for the first time on March 10 in Steinway Hall, hoping to hear you play some of the Scriabin pieces from your energetic and well organized CD. My only disappointment was that, in fact, you only played one Scriabin piece !! However my reward was hearing you play the two Medtner pieces and the prodigiously difficult Prokofiev 7th.Two days later I can still hear the thundering last two pages of the 7th as your fingers flew all over the keyboard not missing a single note.
You have a wonderful musical gift of correctly interpreting the composer's written instructions.
It was a great pleasure to meet with you after the concert and shake the hands which brought us all so much joy.
When, during our conversation, I mentioned to you that in my opinion your rendition of Scriabin's 9th Sonata on your CD equals and perhaps even surpasses Horowitz's recordings of that piece, I see that I join others in your guest book who are of the same opinion.
I wish you much success in the future, and I hope you come to Boston for an all Russian recital in the near future.

With warmest regard,